Being away from you…

Today I realized something…

I can’t be away from you. It feels impossible and it hurts to leave you.

I was away for a week, and it hurt. A lot. It’s like nothing I could ever describe.

I travel to see you every day. It’s worth it. 2 hours to you feels like nothing.

I need you. I can’t be without you. I will never leave you.

Yours forever,

Somebody like you

How can somebody be so wonderful?
Looking like an angel
Looking all that manful

How can somebody be so beautiful?
Like the first flowers in april
Like the shinyness of a pearl

How can somebody be so loving?
With all that kissing
With all that spooning

That somebody is you <3

With love
Honey Bunny

6 months

Six months of love,
My beautiful dove,
It hasn’t felt long,
Like a beautiful song.

How I always miss you,
I’d just want to kiss you,
You are my honey,
My little golden bunny.

Just to see you smile,
I would walk many miles,
Even if my feet were sore,
And hope you want six months more.

<3 – Puppeliini