When you’re gone…

I feel lonely when you’re not there.
Where are you, honey, why aren’t you here?
I miss you, honey, I need you so.
Without you around, I’ve got nowhere to go.

There’s an empty feeling when you’re not around.
You have my heart and to you I am bound.
I love you, I need you, I’ll always be true.
When you’re gone I send all my love to you.

Now get off work and come home, honey.

Always there,
Puppeliini <3


You’re smart and pretty and also funny,
You’re my love, my rock, my honey bunny.
You’re strong and helpful and get things done,
You’re soft and sweet and you’re my bun bun.

You think about others and show them you care,
You make everyone feel better, by just being there.
You always smile and my heart melts to see it,
You make me feel loved and you’d better believe it.

You are the only woman in the world…

Love you!

On the phone…

My thoughts are flying,
I pick up the phone.
It feels like dying,
When I’m alone.

Your voice is sweet,
I need to hear you.
You laugh and joke,
Like only you do.

You are my light,
My golden glow.
You have my heart,
I love you so.

Yours forever,