On the phone…

My thoughts are flying,
I pick up the phone.
It feels like dying,
When I’m alone.

Your voice is sweet,
I need to hear you.
You laugh and joke,
Like only you do.

You are my light,
My golden glow.
You have my heart,
I love you so.

Yours forever,


There you are
Behind the camera
Smiling to me
Speaking to me

I have been waiting this the whole day
Give me a minute and don´t go away

There you are
driving at your car
coming to here
spending time with me

I want this to last forever
Do you think we’ll always be together?

With love

Honey Bunny


You´re so…

You´re so special
you taste like cereal
everytime I have you near
the sweetest things I hear

You´re so sweet
you make the heat
everytime I´m with you
my heart starts to bloom

You´re my love
you make everything glow
every night you´re in my dreams
and you mean a lot to me

With love
Honey Bunny

Did you know?

Did you know it hurts when you’re not here?
That I feel lost when you’re not near?
Did you know I need you and nothing more?
That my heart aches when you close the door?

Did you know I’m happy when you are here?
That I feel safe when you are near?
Did you know I have you and need nothing more?
That my heart jumps when you open the door?

Did you know I love you?..

Yours forever,
Puppeliini <3

Declaration of love…

I would like to tell you something beautiful,
Something that would go straight to your heart,
And keep you floating on clouds the whole day.

I would like to tell you you’re my rock,
The one that keeps me afloat in the middle of the ocean,
Where there is no land in sight.

I would like to tell you you’re the one,
The only one I can see a future with,
The only one I can’t see a future without,
The only one I love.

Yours forever,
Puppeliini <3