How can I say?

How can I say what I feel for you?
Sometimes the words just don´t have a clue
I try say it in different ways
but I always end up with the same fraze

How can I say that you make me happy?
You really are a kind of cathcy
I try show it in different ways
and I always have you in my prays

How can I say that I love you?
I guess I have options on the menu
I try live it in different ways
and with you I want to spend all my days

With love
Honey Bunny


I saw you at the window
You had your head at the pilow
I was out with my dog
and I had your key to the log
I wanted to come in
and say something
I´ll always be there for you
and stay with you like a glue.

With Love
Honey Bonny

When you’re gone…

I feel lonely when you’re not there.
Where are you, honey, why aren’t you here?
I miss you, honey, I need you so.
Without you around, I’ve got nowhere to go.

There’s an empty feeling when you’re not around.
You have my heart and to you I am bound.
I love you, I need you, I’ll always be true.
When you’re gone I send all my love to you.

Now get off work and come home, honey.

Always there,
Puppeliini <3