6 months

Six months of love,
My beautiful dove,
It hasn’t felt long,
Like a beautiful song.

How I always miss you,
I’d just want to kiss you,
You are my honey,
My little golden bunny.

Just to see you smile,
I would walk many miles,
Even if my feet were sore,
And hope you want six months more.

<3 – Puppeliini

Happy Birthday!

So, here I am again. Sitting in a train for a few hours, so that I can get to my honey and the woman I love.

I’ve never before known that I’m a jealous man, but I am. We had an incident the other day where I saw the ex-boyfriend, and Oh man! was I jealous! I don’t know why, but I am.

So what am I doing now? I’m coming to you to arrange for a birthday surprise when you get home. I’m thinking about why I was jealous and how I have to get over it. I’m thinking of how I have to do my best to be the best man I can for you and be worthy of your love. I’m thinking of how much I love you and how devasrated I would be to lose you.

Honey, I’m a jealous person. But so are you, so maybe we’re good for each other. Maybe we’re destined to be forever with each other. Maybe you’re the future wife of mine and mother to my children. We have a long way to go, but I’m sure we’ll get there. We have to. I can’t imagine it any other way. I hope you’ll want me in the future too!

The birthday surprise. I told you that the hint was “1″. It could also be “first” or “beginning”. I guess you’ll see when you get home ;) Hopefully you’ll know what it refers to and really like it! Hopefully it will make your heart melt a little more.

Happy birthday, honey!

Your forever mine and always in my thoughts.

- Puppeliini

Nuha nenä

My nose is stuck
and I look like a duck
I got the flu
and I really need you

You should be here sleeping with me
keeping company and feeling warmly!

With love
Honey Bunny